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Ride Life! The Reins . . .

by Dawn Jenkins

Molokai MuralWhat can we learn from horses, and horseback riding, that will help us to Live our day-to-day Lives? Turns out, plenty. I refer to this as: Ride Life!

Horses. Unpredictable, thousand-plus-pound animals that we humans, throughout the centuries, somehow learned to tame, control, direct and partner with — from marching to battle and plowing fields, to racing and hunting . . .
To meandering trails and wild-paced gallops — just for sheer joy and pleasure!
I’m often amazed at the similarities between successful riding and controlling our horses, and Navigating the Potentially Out-of-Control Ride we all call Life...

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Bits of Wisdom:
Riding a Square

by Dressage Extensions

Riding a Square

Why You Do It

This exercise helps correct the horse that “falls through” his outside shoulder (on the outside of the square). This means the horse’s weight falls to that shoulder – a problem that is usually caused either by the rider’s inadequate use of the outside rein or the horse’s inadequate response to it. Because this exercise calls for riding straight lines without inside flexion...

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LAEC, Los Angeles Equestrian Center, Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California, deluxe 3,500 fixed-seat arena, Boarding, Lessons, Training, Dressage, English, Western, Eventing, Rental Stables, Horse Shows


FOR 2015

A low cost Equine castration clinic on March 26, 2016 in Ramona, CA.

REARS (Riverside Emergency Animal Rescue Service) orientation meeting for new rescue people, January 30th at 9am.

ACTION ALERT: Recreational Trails Program needs your help!

“Special Compliance Permit" for Residents with Horse Facilities

Equestrian Moms Needed!- Take this sudent's survey and enter to win a gift card


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