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Horse Related Contracts and Agreements. 
Within all of the available contracts & agreements, spaces are place to allow  your Name and/or Business Name to be inserted. Contracts and Agreements are intended as templates for user. They may be used "as is" or addendums may be added to suit user needs. Each Contract and Agreement also has a section delegating  which state law the contract or agreement shall be governed under.


Contracts available for sale

Contracts & agreements usually emailed within 1-2 business days in MS Word format for easy of editing.

Boarding Contract ~  $24.99 each

Contract covers: contact info, fees, feeding instruction, insurance info, boarder acknowledgements, 30 day notice & much more!

Training Contract ~   $24.99  each

Contract covers: Contact & ownership, billing, horse shows, show winning distribution, outline responsibilities & more!

Waiver & Release of Liability ~ Everyone that participates in equestrian related activities on your property should sign one of these!

Medical Info & Treatment Release ~ For anyone conducting or participating in activities relating to horses and your business should fill out one of these! If they should get hurt, do you know who to call?

Choose an agreement

Employment Application ~ $9.99 each

Show your future employees that you run a professional operation starting with "Please fill out this application". Applications give you formal background information on potential employees that you can keep on file.

Bill of Sale ~ $14.99 each

This Bill of Sale is easy to understand and clearly states basic terms of purchase for any horse sale and purchase. Also covers terms on vet check and much more.

Trial Agreement ~ $14.99 each

Outlines the terms for sale horse out on a trial basis. Sets specific time period, responsibilities, conditions of returns and more. 

Show Official Contract ~ $11.49 each

Helping insure your next event is a success! Covers fees, contracting date(s)& more!

Lease Agreement ~ $14.99 each

Covers issues relating to leasing a horse for recreational & showing purposes. Complete agreement addresses responsibilities, limited liabilities, conditions of return.

Equestrian Facility Contract Kit ~ $69.95 per package

Includes: Boarding Contract, Training Contract, Waiver & Release of Liability, Medical Info & Treatment Release, Employment Application, Bill of Sale, Show Official Contract, Horse Lease Agreement & Horse Trial Agreement. Package valued at over $145.00
All pricing includes shipping and handling.

All Contracts and Agreements are sent via email in MS Word format for ease of editing. Employment application is in MS Excel format.
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