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The secret is out…
a hidden gem in the heart of Los Angeles

Written by Dressage student, Boarder, Therapeutic Riding Instructor (C.A. Collins)

The secret is out…a hidden gem in the heart of Los Angeles

Someone once said, “Horses find us, we don’t find them.” There might be some truth to that because I unexpectedly came to own my own horse (that’s a long story) who is now happily boarded at The Paddock Riding Club. He has 55 miles of trails to explore, many various arenas to choose from, lots of friends and best of all, he is safe, and extremely well cared for when I’m away...

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The Allure, The Passion, The Obsession

Horses and riding have always allured me, and the intellectual side of myself has, from time to time, tried to figure out — Why? What calls my Soul to horses? Why is it that nothing else will quite do? Join me on my quest to discover what it is, and why, us horse people must ride.

Riding:The Allure, The Passion, The Obsession…

California: Pacific Crest Trail, off Liebre Mountain — Springtime, 2002. Buckeyes are just beginning to pop with small brilliant lime-green ‘palm trees’ bursting out at the end of the branches. The tree we pass now is overgrown and grabbing for my face; I duck hurriedly and just miss it. Now we glide past gooseberries with stalks of shiny green leaves and delicate red florets. Now more buckeyes. Now a grove of clustered, densely-packed oaks with textured gray bark and bluish leaves. This is one of my favorite places, a steep incline at the Northern reaches of the Angeles National forest, above the vast Mojave Desert and the great Tejon Ranch. Time stands still on this edge of forest rim, except for the constant changing drama of the seasons....

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LAEC, Los Angeles Equestrian Center, Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California, deluxe 3,500 fixed-seat arena, Boarding, Lessons, Training, Dressage, English, Western, Eventing, Rental Stables, Horse Shows




August 22nd: Orange Park Acres Team Sorting Practice & Jackpot

August 30th-31st: Vista Palomar Riders presents: SCHC Horse show

September 10th: American Mustang Team presents a special screening of the new movie, American Mustang

September 20th-21st: Vista Palomar Riders presents: SCHC Horse show

September 27th-28th: The Event Derby at the Fresno County Horse Park, consists of a Dressage Test followed by a Jumping Course combining both stadium and cross-country fences.

Equine Basic Biosecurity - Handling Sick horses - Newsletter provided by Dr. Christi Garfinkel DVM

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