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Southern California Equestrian Directory (SCED)

Our goal is to create an easy to navigate regional directory of the Southern California Equestrian Marketplace.

SCED offers an avenue for equine related businesses, services and private individuals in California to post information about their businesses, services and products. This format allows other Californians and the world to view what is available to them in the Southern California Equestrian marketplace.

Benefits to the Consumer, Horse Owner and Individuals: SCED offers an easy to navigate directory for finding products, services, horses and information in your region of California-online 24/7 for immediate access.

Benefits to Equine Business and Services in Southern California: SCED offers a means of marketing your business name and information about your business and/or service through a larger and more easily accessed medium. Advertising within Southern California Equestrian Directory will allow your business to reach potential customers not only in the California Region, but around the world.

The Southern California Equestrian Directory is going into its 13th year of operation with an average of 35,000 - 45,000 unique visitors a month and holding strong. SCED is maintained daily.

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Southern California Equestrian Directory also offers an easy and affordable, online avenue for all equestrian businesses and services to access the internet advertising medium.

Making your business accessible to your current customer base 24 hours a day with information to help guide your customers easily to the products and services your business offers. Advertising through the also allows greater visibility to customers that do not even know your business exists.

With your own business web site, you can display what your business is in an easy to access format so customers and potential customers can view what your business and/or service has to offer. Displaying the scope of what your business is and how you can be contacted, presented in a very organized manner.

SCED offers this all for a very affordable avenue of advertising.

SCED services and products provide the support of the directory:



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