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Tom - Thanks for posting my add so quickly.  I already have 3 responses, so a lot of people are looking at your website!

Cesar Perea - Canada Larga Ranch - Online is definitely the way to go and SoCalEquine is one of our top 3 referral sources on the internet!

Carol Herrera, Vista Verde Retirement Ranch I have gotten good clients from your Directory, so I want to renew my ad with the Web Flier! Thank you!

Dacia Peters, Stepping Stone Sport Horses... " I really love all the hits I'm getting on my website from advertising with SOCAL! I am very happy with my investment in you guys."

Gregg Miron, owner of American Horse Trailer Rental:  "I like the Home Page article about my business - you've gone above and beyond, and I want to keep my business out there with the network!"

Ruthanna Bridges, Riding School Director, Pres.BRIDGES EQUESTRIAN, Inc. "Hey, have I told you lately how much I love you???  LOL.  Haven't talked to you in a while, and I want you to know that I keep track of peeps that come to me and where they find me.  Is all you, baby.  A few on other search engines, but just a few.

I have managed to stay alive during this economic crash, and I owe a great deal of it to you.  Thank you thank you thank you. 

Ps.  I pulled up horse riding orange county and BAM there I am.  My web guy is redesigning my web site so it will fully take advantage of your direction.

As things go on here, they will pick up.  I have 5 people working for me, all of which depend on you.  If you can point them my way, I can bring them in the door.  If I bring them in the door, my staff of elves will keep them here. You guys rock.  You have my gratitude. "

Dacia Peters, Stepping Stone Sport Horses... " I really love all the hits i'm getting on my website from advertising with SOCAL! I am very happy with my investment in you guys."

Nathalie Cooper, Acorn Farm in San Juan Capistrano."I went pro and from a start-up last year to now having 35 clients with 15 horses in training.and every person who contacted me said they saw the Top Banner on!  Please make sure to contact me to renew my ads next year so I can keep that Top Banner Position!

Nathalie Cooper , owner of Acorn Farms " I would like to renew my online add again. It has been great for my business!  I for sure want to keep the top banner add. Everything looks great!"

Gregg Miron, owner of American HorseT Trailer Rental:  "I like the Home Page article about my business - you've gone above and beyond, and I want to keep my business out there with the network!"

"Hi Pam, I've been catching up on Lukas' mail since we went to the Equine Affaire and I wanted to thank you for your company - your employees are extremely helpful and kind.  I have appreciated your services and consideration.  Thank you so much!" ~Best regards, Karen and Lukas Playing With Lukas'

"We would like to thank you for putting our plea for donations on your Help A Horse page.  Sadly, these are very tough times for everyone.  We very much appreciate SCED and the service it provides to the So Cal horse community. Thank you!" ~ Gail, of T.I.E.R. Horse rescue

" I have fulfilled the p-time beginner instructor position. I had a great response to the ad on your site! Thank you very much." ~ Gretchen D., After posting a classified ad for 1 week

"Just want to share with you the wonderful response I had to my plea to find a trainer. Claudia Hapeman called me and not only is she a terrific trainer with tons of experience, but we knew many of the same people. She is a remarkable equestrian with the heart, ethics, abilities, and joy of teaching that make her tops. Thanks to your site I’ve met Claudia and we talked for two hours! I am so impressed and grateful. Thanks again!" ~ Helen Rogers, Horse Owner

"I just wanted to let you know that I have sold my item and to delete it from your (classified ads). I have tried ebay for a month and within a few days it sold on your site. I will definatly use your site and again and let people know how well it really works. Thank you!" ~ Jocelyn Binkley, Horse Owner

"I LOVE your site! I DEFINITELY want to re-up (my Business Sponsorship)! Thank you so much. Your ad is REALLY working for me." ~ Ruthanna Bridges, Bridges Training Stable

"Advertising with SoCalEquine has been the most productive advertising we have invested in this year. has blown the socks off the competition in providing traffic to our site and business to our practice!” Gary Garfinkel – Dr. Christi Garfinkel Equine Veterinary Services

"I greatly appreciate your hosting (business sponsorship) as it has brought me more exposure than expected!" - Susan T. - dac® products pro

Pam - Thanks for the graphic - it will be very helpful for the monthly newsletter. Also, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your hard work with the website for Showcase Quarter Horses. Over the past four years, the work you have done in creating and managing my stable's website has been invaluable for business. I can't even begin to measure how effective this web marketing through So Cal Equine has been, but I can tell you that compared to other marketing strategies, having a website managed by SoCalEquine has been the number one marketing tool for increasing my business. My business is multi-faceted and the website is able to target all aspects, from boarding and training, to lessons, sales and breeding. Because the website is expandable and ever-changing, prospective customers (and active customers) return to the site over and over so see what's new with Showcase. You are always prompt with the changes I request, and often add innovative ideas which bring more attention to the site. Also, I am no techo-expert, so being able to rely 100% on you for putting my website on the proper search engines to achieve maximum exposure really takes a load off my mind and allows me to concentrate on my business. I know the website is working because of the constant inquiries and people always comment on what a great website it is. Please use me as a reference anytime you have a prospective web customer that is doubtful - I can assure them that the professionalism, creativity and reliability of So Cal Equine will boost their business, as it has done for Showcase Quarter Horses for many years!!! THANKS AGAIN, Sue Schindler, Owner, Showcase Quarter Horses.

  Thanks Pam, you are doing a great job. Everyone in the band is very impressed with your work and looking forward to meeting you. ~ Kenny W. ~ 117° West

Having a web site allows me the space to fully explain what my service is along with an appealing eye catching design. Consequently, I have received a great response. My new business is well on its way and about 90% of the customers come due to the web site & The cost of my site has been less than $200 this year compared to the $1,000 I have spend on other avenue of advertising. Thanks so much. Judy Duncan ~ JD Fix It's.

Pam, My site looks great. Thank you so much! I have already had two inquiries and one is starting up full time next month. I told my equine chiropractor about you and how easy it was to set up a site with you. Thanks again. You do a really beautiful job! Sarah Allen

"Hi Pam, the site looks great!. the work you have done is so outstanding. Thank you so much. I'm making Neck Warmers as fast as I can. Oh yes, the Neck Warmer orders have come due to the web site's accessibility again thanks to you." Annie Andersen ~ Acme Paint Horse & Annie Andersen Neck Warmers

"You Have A Great Site With Helpful Information, Resources & Links!" Matt - View Point Mobility

Subject: "My trailer sold in two days! I stumbled across this site and listed my horse and trailer. My trailer sold in two days - thanks!"  Beth George

"I found your site useful and was able to contact a tack shop to order just what my daughter needed."  Ginger

"Showcase Quarter Horses'  web site is gorgeous!"  Cheryl V. 

"I just found your site and wanted to say.....'Hats Off to You!' It is good to know there is an internet site for Southern California Equines!!"   Gail

"What a wonderful website!!!"    Barbara F.

"Thank you so much for this sight... I was purchasing a horse at the last minute and I needed a bill of sale.... all the other sights you had to pay and wait for them ... you guys are great, I am telling all my other horse friends about your sight!"   Thanks, Jennifer

" Hello! I personally want to thank whoever added "Wanting to Rent" to the classifieds menu of real estate. :) I am a huge user of, and I love supporting your website! Keep up the great customer service!" Lindze'

" I currently reside in Georgia and am relocating to the Greater San Diego area. I found your web site to be a plethora of information to prepare me for relocating my Warmblood and am quite happy to have discovered it." Karen P.

"Thank you for providing So. Cal. with an Equestrian Directory. A very much needed item!"   Gail

"I really like the site and think you have done a wonderful job with it."  Thanks. Kathy B. FVF




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