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Healthcare Business

Attention: All Horses, Dogs, and People in Pain

“How Can a Pinched Nerve in a Dogs Neck That is Causing the Dog to Scream Go Away in One Day with No Surgery or Invasive Treatment?”

*Discover the New “Gold Standard” for the Treatment of Pain

*Class 4 Laser Therapy is FDA Approved for the Treatment of Inflammation

Nikko is an 8 year old Labrador. Nikko has arthritis in his neck and his low back, from an accident which he was hit by a car when he was 3. The only injuries were minor musculoskeletal injuries. In addition to his arthritis, he has a pinched nerve in his neck that is so severe, it causes him to scream and yelp every time he moves. Now the pinched nerve did not happen after the accident, it took a few years to surface, as many injuries do.

When he showed the first signs of this pinched nerve, we took him into the clinic for the laser treatment. One 5 minute deep tissue laser treatment and some tissue massage and Nikko headed home. That night he slept great and the next day he was back to his old self, barking and playing with his “ducko”.

In laser therapy we treat in “joules of energy”. The more joules translates into more removal of inflammation and pain, as well as depth of treatment. In an average Class 4 laser treatment, we can deliver about 3,500 Joules of energy with an average depth of 18 cm. This is a 7 minute treatment. An average low level laser or cold laser treatment delivers only 150 joules with an average depth of 2cm. This is a 20 minute treatment.

In talking about treating conditions in horses, the tissue that is damaged is a lot deeper than a dog or human. Regardless, most areas treated are on the limbs or spine.

We used to own a cold laser and sold it for the Lite Cure LCT-1000 Class 4 Laser. We understand and have seen the benefits of both. Just be careful when you are searching for this therapy that you are not charged for the better treatment in place of the less. An example is a cold laser treatment should be no more than $40 per session compared to a Class 4 Laser treatment ranges from $80-$200 per session. These prices are generalizations and can vary for each area and each clinic.

Arthritis, hip dysplasia, herniated discs, etc, all are inflammatory. Inflammation sets in when the body is under attack by a virus, bacteria, or when there is a tear in a muscle, tendon, etc. Inflammation also happens with herniated discs (the inflamed disc pinches the nerve), arthritis, cruciate tears, laminitis, navicular syndrome, meniscal tears of the stifle, bursitis, etc. Any ending with “itis” means inflammation.

The medical “gold standard” for treating inflammation is either steroids or anti-inflammatories, until now.

Class 4 Laser Therapy or Deep Tissue Laser Therapy (Not Cold laser or Low Level Laser Therapy), will soon be recognized by experts around the world as the gold standard for treating inflammation.

The results we see in practice are mind blowing. Inflammation melts right before your eyes, and this is not an exaggeration.

A human patient with a hematoma from a work accident was told it was going to take 8 months to a year for the hematoma to go down to normal size, “maybe”, the doctor said (it was like a half of a football sticking out of her leg on the side below the hip). In just 4 weeks treating the injury 3 times per week, the hematoma decreased 90% in size and the pain was almost completely diminished.

Veterinarians are catching on to the Class 4 laser therapy, slowly. We have used our LCT 1000 Class 4 Therapy Laser in practice since 2009. We started accepting dogs after seeing the great success in human patients and after treating our dog, Nikko. Conditions in humans that can be treated include carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, hip arthritis, knee arthritis, meniscus tears, and shoulder rotator cuff problems. For dogs, any inflammatory musculoskeletal problem can most likely be treated.

We have not used the class 4 therapy laser on horses yet but there are a lot of vets and equine chiropractors who do, with the same success as seen in humans and dogs.

If you are experiencing pain of any kind you or your dog or horse may be a candidate for this amazing therapy. At this time we are only accepting dogs and humans for treatment but we can give you a referral if needed for equine laser therapy. Please visit our sites for more information about this therapy.

-Dr.Christopher John Fiorentino, DC, CNS, CSCS

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Equine Chiropractors
Palmer Graduate / 4th Generation Human Chiropractor / 2nd Generation Equine Chiropractor / Sucessful Human Practice 11 years / Sucessful Equine Practice 10 years / Works with all the Great Vets in the So. Cal Region / Hands on Care with active range of motion muscle work / Many wonderful referrals and testimonials

Dr. Dawn Fletcher, D.C., is a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College and Options For Animals Chiropractic College. She is Certified by the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association and specializes in equine chiropractic. 100% mobile, providing expert and thorough equine chiropractic care and CranioSacral therapy. Full-body chiropractic treatments are followed by myofascial release, acupressure and stretching. Includes saddle fit check and written progress reports for you and your veterinarian.
(760) 468-2333

Dr. Clint McKnight of Pacific View Equine offers exceptional mobile Chiropractic care for equines and canines, as well as veterinary field services for horses, throughout Ventura County. Pacific View Equine specializes in high quality preventative medicine, general (motorized) equine dentistry, and sport horse medicine.  Dr. McKnight is certified in Animal Chiropractic by the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association. 
While Chiropractic does not replace veterinary medicine, according to Dr. McKnight, it can enhance traditional medicine to address performance and health issues. Horses of all disciplines can experience issues creating restrictions in the normal range of motion of the horse's spine.  Regular Chiropractic care can improve the biomechanical dysfunction of the spine leading to improved performance and health.
Located in Fillmore - Mobile Service throughout Ventura County and Chiropractic service available for parts of Santa Barbara and Los Angeles counties.

Dr. Larry Allen
Certified Animal Chiropractor / Serving all of Southern California
PO Box 332, Aguanga, CA 92536. 951-852-1600

El Cajon Valley Veterinary Hospital - Kevin J. May, DVM
Specializing in Acupuncture / Chiropractics / Performance Dentistry

Southern California Equine/Canine Chiropractic
Dr. Rod Block, D.C.
Chiropractic / Physical Therapy
1 Gold Bluff, Irvine, CA 92604. 949-400-5100

ChiroCentaurus - Dr. Sharone Rosen, D.C.
Chiropractic care for Humans / Horses / Hounds
19401 Parthenia St, Northridge, CA 818-516-0839 

Santa Barbara Equine Chiropractic
4945 Carpinteria Ave, Santa Barbara, CA 93013. 805-684-3833 

Equine Sports Chiropractic - Dr. Phillip V. Pinto, D.C. CVCP
Equine Massage / Chiropractic Adjusting
24509 Walnut St. Suite 101, Santa Clarita CA 91321 . 661-253 9600 cell 818-486-4143

Dr. Ramesh "Rob" Bassiri ~ Certified Animal Chiropractic
Equine / Canine / Feline
Serving Southern California. 818-974-8619

Trudi Pratt, DC, CVCP, CTN
Equine Chiropractic / Nutritional Counseling / Serving Southern California
1308 Court Street, Redding, CA 96001. 800-727-6112

Rainwaters Animal Chiropractic
Dr. Tracy Rainwaters, D.C. / Equine Chiropractic
Serving Santa Clara, CA 95056. 408-431-0525.

Craig Kelliher, DC
Health Care / Chiropractic
Serving Southern California, 310-995-3290

San Juan Capistrano Equine ~ Dr. Paul Luddy DVM
Equine Lameness / Intra-Articular Injections / Pre-purchase Exams / Shockwave Therapy
31878 Del Obispo Street , San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675. 949-698-2573

Michelle Santoro, D.C.
Equine Chiropractic
22055 Clarendon Street #105, Woodland Hills, CA 91367       818-593-9686

Oakhill Shockwave and Veterinary Chiropractic
The most current modalitites in Shockwave Therapy and Equine Chiropractic Care
Calabasas CA 91302   Phone: 818-809-7498

Vital Equine Holistic Veterinary Medicine
Holistic Medicine / Chiropractic
Hidden Hills, CA 91302 Phone: 310-720-4689

People and Paws Chiropractic
Animal Chiropractic
San Diego, CA 92103 Phone: 858-255-0499

Equine Health Solutions
Horse vet specializing in chiropractic and acupuncture. Serving Ventura, Los Angeles, and Orange counties.
Phone: 360-771-0059

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Salisbury Farms ~ Horses Helping Humans ~ Lakeside, CA ~ Classical Riding instruction and horsemanship ~ Adult Adventure program ~ Autism programs

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