Our Performance Stats



Our Performance Stats

Now in our seventeenth year of operation, The Southern California Equestrian Directory has grown continually since it’s inception in 1999. SCED has become a powerful advertising network and our stats have consistently proven it. Throughout the years, our advertisers have continually reported back to us as to the effectiveness of their advertising with SCED. In most cases, SCED has proven to be the top provider of traffic to their web sites and businesses.

SCED receives well over 45,000 visitors each and every month. On top of that, over 60% of those visits are returning visitors. This translates to continued viewer interest in the products and services presented through SCED. Following is a summary of our viewer statistics showing our growth and stability .

The following is a summary of our viewer statistics showing
our growth over the past year:

Alexa Ranking:

These stats provided by Alexa.com rank sites based on the sites performance throughout the world wide web.

Ranking Scale - 1 = best (the closer to 1 the better the rank)
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Facebook = #2

Our rank compared to our direct competitor’s publications.
Remember … the closer to 1, the better!

SoCalEquine.com = 2,222,783
Horsetrader.com = 2,522,469
Horsemansnews.com = 5,389,540

We really don’t toot our own horn much,
but the stats speak for us!

17 Years & Going Consistently
Strong on the World Wide Web!


2017 Statistics
Visitors = over 565,000 visitors to the site
Page views = over 4,000,000 pages viewed
Hits = over 16,000,000 for the 2017 year

For businesses that use SCED for their advertising needs,
this translate to increased direct market traffic to their businesses.
Increased Target Traffic = Increased Sales
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