From our barn to yours,

10 Tidbits of Thanks

•  Be thankful for the having horses in our lives. Whether we are working with horses as a business, or enjoying them as part of the family, whether our kids are horse crazy and we have to take them to the stables every week for lessons or we are looking forward to our stallion's first foal crop…even those who just enjoy horses through the internet – horses, virtual or real, enrich our lives each day.

•  Give thanks for all the people we meet as a consequence of our involvement with horses. Horses are a common denominator – crossing through all walks of life, all ages, no matter the breed or discipline. Everyone who has a love for horses indeed shares a genuine bond.

•  In this season, we all need to thank those who support our horses. From the farriers and vets to the feed store owners and employees, to the horse haulers and the trainers, to the kids who help with barn chores, to the barn makers and stable owners, the equipment manufacturers, to the working students and the parents who encourage the horse habit. Take some time this season to show your appreciation of those special equine service people in your life who help with your horses.

•  Let's appreciate all the aspects of horsemanship. Riding for fun, working on stamina for an endurance race, lead liners taking their first round in the show arena, the Olympian who brought home the Individual Gold Medal; even the owner of the 30 year old horse, who visits not to ride but for the love of spending time. There are so many aspects of horsemanship and as we go through time with our own horses, embrace each season as it happens, and remember that when one life stage has run it's course, thankfully, there are many more ways to engage with horses.

•  Think about giving the “gift of horse” this season. Find someone you know, some adult who has loved horses all their life but has never acted on it; find the neighborhood kid who would love to spend time at the barn; find the senior citizen whose day would be brighter with the sight of a horse. Not just the literal sense of “giving a real live horse” to someone – that works too – but give just the chance to touch a real horse, to smell the stable, to share an apple. It will make someone's day.

•  Thanks goes out this season to technology. With advancements happening all the time, in relation to everything about horses, the welfare of our equine friends is vast improving. From the newest in stem cell and shockwave medical treatments, to better overall feed management programs that come about because of extensive research and field trials, the everyday horse and it's owner benefits greatly. Even new computer software, for things like stable management or payment processing, helps our equestrian businesses flourish.

•  It's hard to want to see the silver lining in this economy, but there are a few things to be thankful for during these times. How about the opportunity to purchase a ranch because the real estate prices are down? Or the freedom of starting from scratch with the closure of a business? These times remind us to pare down, to refocus on what's important to us. It's also a time when the tough get going, and equestrian people are tough. So keep going and keep looking for that silver lining.

•  Have you THANKED your horse today? Horses give so much to us, and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to take a moment with your horse, give him a hug and just say thanks! Every horse deserves it!

•  Last but not least, this is the season to thank our families. Many a time families are called upon to take a second place to the needs of the equines in our lives, especially for those who run ranches, stables and/or have their horses at home. Caring for horses every day is truly a labor of love, and even though we don't like to admit it, not everyone carries the “horse bug.” So for those family members who feed the horses while mom catches one more hour of sleep, or to the dad who brings the kids to the horse show on the weekend, and to the kids who help buck hay or muck stalls….MANY THANKS to our families this Thanksgiving holiday season!

•  Now is the perfect time of year to extend thanks to our customers. Here at, we are thankful to all of our friends and clients. We are especially thankful for our viewers and loyal “equine surfers!” All throughout the year we hear your feedback about the site, how you love it and use it all the time, and also for the constructive input. Without our clients, viewers and vendors alike over the past 9 years, would not be the leader it is today in online, “everything horses” yellow pages! So THANKS to ya'all!

Happy Trails!
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