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2015 Featured Articles

American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA) - Jody Childs - Regional Manager
Competition hosting ~ Community Benefits

Jody Childs of Fallbrook, Ca is now the Regional Manager for The American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA) for the states of California, Arizona, and Nevada. Jody says: "I love this casual competition that builds the relationship between the horse and rider with fun obstacles and skill challenges. I have competed since 2009 and have hosted rides locally. Now I get to help fellow trainers that are looking for something to teach their students, and people that would like to make significant money holding these events".

ACTHA has more divisions than ever:
~Scout for non members to try it out or new members to get their feet wet.
~Junior Division for kids
~Pleasure for the casual adult rider
~Open for the most difficulty and challenge
~Mentor for instructors and trainers so they can earn prizes but not compete against their students. And you can ride with your friends in other divisions side by side down the trail.

ACTHAActha has a website where riders can learn what skills will be tested with tutorials and videos. All events are scored and they are available for viewing after a ride. These scores are lifetime for the horse. Awards include:
1. Medals program where riders can earn jackets, belt buckles, and other recognition awards for accumulated points.
2. State Championship awards to the top ten.
3. National Winners get a free truck for a year.

HOSTS of rides also earn prizes and recognition along with earnings averaging $900 to $1500 - see below. All events are fully insured by ACTHA so landowners and hosts are protected..

What are the Outcomes Expected from Hosting an Event
• Increased awareness of your business or club and the benefits in your local area
• Riders from the horse community will participate
• ACTHA will promote your facility and your event nationally and regionally
• Raise funds
• Varied sources of fundraising dollars – outside of the trail riding community, across disciplines
• Event income – Average host earns an average of $1,000 from ride proceeds, but some hosts earn in excess of $3,000 for single day with extras like stall rental, camping, silent auctions, lessons, clinics, obstacle sponsors and local advertisers – ACTHA teaches all of this and more
• Local Networking
• Local Business concerns have a united cause to become involved
• You will bring customers to local businesses who spend funds in your town (gas, food, lodging, etc)
• Provide a venue for other local businesses to showcase their products in a non-traditional setting

For more information contact Jody through her web site at or phone: 858-354-8537 Visit the ACTHA web site at

Featured Facility

Fox Valley Farm

Located in the East Bay of San Francisco, California, Fox Valley Farm is dedicated to training student and horse bringing out the best of their abilities in the disciplines of Hunter / Jumpers and Equitation.

Fox Valley Farm is owned and operated by Kathy Robertson. Seeing a need to help students develop the skills to enjoy riding for both pleasure and competition, Kathy has developed exercises for each level of rider of all ages, tailoring programs to suit each riders individual needs.

For those students that have had discouraging encounters and experiences in the past, Kathy is a horsewoman who helps her students gain back the enjoyment in riding while building their skills as riders. Many of her students have been with her for several years. Some have even gone on to become equestrian professional themselves. All have gained valuable skills they still ride with today from a horseperson with a wealth of experience and knowledge to share.

Kathy is equally enthusiastic about her school horses, saying simply, "I have the best!" FVF horses, mostly Appaloosas or Appaloosa crosses, are the kind of lesson horses any trainer would covet - they can go from teaching beginners to competing in shows with equal success.

Kathy developed her appreciation for good horses and good riding, and her well-rounded training program, over more than 25 years in the business. She started out in Pony Club in Woodside, trained with such well-known hunter/jumper pros as Pat Rostron, Tommy Lowe, and Gary Ryman, and spent years taking dressage clinics with the legendary Liz Searle. She got her start teaching hunter/jumper customers for Melissa Creswick in Clovis, then opened her own hunter/jumper training business, and eventually relocated back to the Bay Area. Then, six years at Bottomley Farm, where she became a partner.


Today, Fox Valley Farm is everything she ever wanted in a business. "Everybody has a good time," Kathy smiles, describing the great dynamics at Fox Valley Farm. "Life is short, you've got to enjoy what you do."

Created by a student of Fox Valley Farm, a video dedicated to Kathy and Fox Valley Farm. This video sums up what you can expect from FVF as only a happy student can state.. See for yourself..

To contact Fox Valley Farm, visit the website at



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